Theme 1: Costs of services

After decades of work, many of us in the sector still do not know how much our interventions actually cost and will cost in the future. Even more worrying, many stakeholders have little idea of the disaggregated or component costs of interventions such as capital infrastructural costs, recurrent O&M costs, capital maintenance, institutional development and capacity building costs. Clearly, there cannot be proper planning and budgeting by local governments, donors and other stakeholders without quantitative data to support – and even drive – these processes.

10 Costs of delivering water service in rural areas and small towns in Ghana

Authors: Nyarko K B, Dwufour-Asare B, Appiah-Effah E, Moriarty P

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11 Improving the robustness of financial and economic analysis of sanitation systems

Authors: Jonathan Parkinson and Steffen Blume

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12 Life-cycle costs approach (LCCA) for sustainable WASH service delivery: a study in rural Andhra Pradesh, India

Authors: V Ratna Reddy, N Jayakumar, M Venkataswamy, M Snehelatha, M S Rammohan Rao, Charles Batchelor and M V Ramachandrudu

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13 A costs analysis of hygiene promotion interventions in Mozambique

Author: Maarten van de Reep

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14 Planning and budgeting mechanisms in the Mozambique water sector: improving the decision making process

Author: André Uandela

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15 Approach to cost information in the WASH sector in Colombia

Author: Adriana Idalia Zamora Trejos

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