Evaluating & Improving the WASH Sector - Strengthening WASH Governance, Learning about Complexity, Assessing Change

Updated - Wednesday 12 August 2009

Main author: Régis Garandeau. Contributing authors: Deirdre Casella and Kristof Bostoen (IRC) (2009)

Over recent decades, several events and trends resulted in an increased focus on development agencies’ results, hence an increased demand for quantitative measurement in general, and impact evaluation in particular. As part of this trend, funding agencies started to request more objective, independent evaluations to prove that their resources are used transparently on interventions that improve people’s lives, health, education, and wealth. As a result, all development agencies try to measure in one way or another the performance and achievements of their interventions.

This TOP discusses evaluations, focusing on the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector. It starts with a tale of three farms, representing three paradigms of development. Each of these paradigms is then discussed separately in the specific context of this sector. For each paradigm, the resulting evaluation methodologies are presented in a chronological order, illustrated by examples of WASH related evaluations. The TOP ends with useful books, websites and contacts.

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Thematic Overview Paper Series 23, 101 pages