WASH scenarios for 2015: A trends analysis paper

Updated - Wednesday 19 April 2006

Catarina Fonseca and Patrick Moriarty (2006)

IRC, like other organisations, has to plan its activities without being sure what the future will look like. Four scenarios have been compiled by two IRC staff members based on some possible outcomes of the most volatile and important variables. The pictures that emerge may look optimistic or pessimistic; but they show a range of outcomes that IRC will need to plan for and to which it must respond.

The four scenarios in this paper are based on an analysis of 17 existing trends. Included are a continuing increase in inequalities, increasing pressure on water resources, and the uncertainties of Overseas Development Aid funding. Furthermore there is emphasis on emergency aid and hardware, and a corresponding failure to address the neglected stepchildren of sanitation and hygiene. All these factors and more will affect the sector and the role of NGOs within it, as will increased competition between providers and the need to provide tailored information and services.

All these issues are considered as IRC prepares for the process of making their 2007-2011 five-year plan, in which it seeks to remain relevant and pioneering and make a real contribution in whichever scenario turns out to be closest to reality.

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